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Touched Reality  is a Grenadian Real Estate company that seeks to deliver first class service to all its customers. Our goal is to be innovative,creative and to maintain  a close and long lasting relationship with all our clients and to feature unique properties that are absolute gems to behold. We're unique, different and we feature a predominantly exclusive list of properties through out Grenada.
We have amazing listings that includes  the best in land, homes, and property rentals in Grenada. We're definitely the first name you can expect to hear when  the term 'real estate in Grenada' is mentioned. 

The plethora of real estate properties in Grenada Carriacou and Petit Martinique that we have acquired are all unique and passes the Touched Reality seal of approval. Our services includes home and Land sales, property rentals (Long term and Short term) . We can even custom build homes for our clients, co-ordinate renovations and a list of many other home services.

Grenada offers some of the best real estate in the Caribbean, from beachfront properties, to secluded country retreats it's all here on this beautiful gem of an island, and touched Reality has made it our duty to find the best properties and list them, Count on us to find the deals, we know Grenada

Grenadians usually build their homes to take advantage of the breathtaking views. From contemporary to modern styled family homes and vacation properties Touched Reality has got it and we're constantly improving. Our goal is to find and list the best real estate in Grenada.

Touched Reality through our partners in the construction industry can design and construct residential and commercial complexes. If you're not looking to buy then you can also build with Touched Reality.

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