There are a number of things that has the potential to devalue a property and turn off buyers.
If you’re presently considering selling your home there are a number of things you should consider regarding the resale value of your property.
Some of these factors may devalue your home or scare away some potential buyers , even if your home is otherwise really an outstanding piece of property.
You should consider these factors below when listing your home:


1. Location, location, location

Many real estate television shows and articles e.t.c are known for repeating this phrase over and over. Buying a home in an area that provides residents with easy access to services and effective transportation is very important although many persons don’t wish to live too close to airports and busy roads because of the noise.
Visual appeal is also another big concern. Eyesores like cell phone towers or power lines can turn off many potential buyers. There is also the issue of untidy neighbors or unsightly abandoned nearby homes that have the ability to devalue your property. The closure of local schools can also deter potential buyers who have children or who are considering having children in the near future. Some buyers may be skeptical of purchasing homes that are on flood plains or in other areas prone to natural disasters.
To ensure maximum resale potential you must first consider how many of these types of issues exist near the properties you’re considering to purchase. Remember also that there’s no way of knowing exactly how a particular neighborhood will evolve over time.


2. Unappealing curb appeal

The first thing that potential buyers will obviously see is the exterior of the property. If the houses seems to be outdated or in a poor condition on the outside, persons will assume it is the same on the inside of the home. Water features and/or swimming pools and overly manicured green space may turn off some buyers because some people tend to associate high maintenance yards with heavy expenses and unnecessary headaches to upkeep that appearance. Old sheds and fences can also devalue your home, especially if they look like they’re in desperate need of repair or replacement.One good bit of advice is to keep the gardens weeded and the lawn well trimmed so that all potential buyers can see how nice the property is both inside and out.


3. Over the top creative customization

Unusual paint choices inside and outside the home can turn potential buyers off immediately, even if your customization is recognized as the cutting edge trend in popular home design magazines. Also Customizing spaces inside the home so that they may not be suitable to future buyers, might make some buyers reluctant to buy your property.The same can be said for unique landscaping choices or overly elaborate renovations that are too high scale for the house.

4. Sinister reputation

Well known crimes, deaths or even some times urban legends associated with your house or neighborhood can decrease the value of a home tremendously. Most people don’t want to live in a home where they feel that something awful has happened, or where its rumored to have resident ghost. Though many of these kinds of issues may be out of your control but they may definitely have an impact on the resale value of your property.