These tips are applicable in Grenada and almost anywhere you vacation the world.



1. Walk with your room key or leave it at the front desk

Hotel rooms usually lock from the inside out and once they’re closed and you’re caught on the outside without your room key the only options you have is go to the front desk and request a new one or sleep outside.



2. Secure your personal documents

This one should be obvious but needs to be mentioned. Travel documents such   as passports, airline tickets, cash and credit/debit cards, cell phone, computers and other devices and important documents needs to be kept in a safe and secure location.



3.Turn off AC units when not in use

Leaving the air conditioner on in your room even though you would be gone for the entire day does not make much sense. Running up the hotels electricity bill wouldn’t make you vacation any better and there’s also the inconvenience of your room being uncomfortably cold when you return.


4. Hire hotel recommended tour guides taxi services

I’m sure if you take time out from your busy schedule to go on vacation that you expect the best. Finding and hiring persons with the experience would definitely be a plus and this is what hotels usually does for its guests.



5. Be Courteous

Leaving a tip for someone who is paid to do a service for you can sometimes be the difference between good and terrible service). Being courteous does not only mean leaving a tip, it could be as simple as returning a smile. That’s something to remember when the bell boy brings your luggage to your room and waiter when the waiter brings your food. Positive energy is usually reciprocated

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